Thursday, June 09, 2011


So ive been thinking lately, and quite frankly a little dissapointed in myself. I have lacked the motivation to do anything crafty ( well aside from a few small projects or cards or fix ups for clothes) in a while. My ex a couple years ago depressed me and demotivated me. But ive cut that burnt thread from my life harness, and i should be ready to go! Although now i have a great love in my life and id rather be with him :P hehe.

But. im going to chip away day by day. I will do this. Going to start crafting small things and eventually get my biz going :) Stay patient guys. ill have this mess of a blog sorted out soon lol. and stand by for pics of my geniusness.
<3 MissNihkii
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

angels sing

your vicious lies dont mean anything. When there are angels singing

Monday, March 28, 2011

Condom Case!

So. i got a spurt of creativity two nights ago, and i decided to make up a tin or two for farmers market.. i messed up though lol. ugh i hate cutting shit. i suck at it lol.anyways i put half of one pattern on outside of one, and half on another tin UGGGH. soo, i made into my own :) i needed a condom tin anyways :)

Top.  chipboard letters ( my FIRST chipboard creation ever :) ), on acid paper with colored pencil drawing(mine)
  Inside. it was a toss up between glittery treats, or toys :) but, toys would be more.. bigger hehe, i love how the mint already says have a blast! what a weird angle of pic tho lol..finished?? not sure.
ahh shit., stickers not centered!!
Bottom, acid paper.

i still need to add trim to top and bottom i do!!!!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Ellen Pill Bottle

So.. we were using a baggie to keep our ibu and exedrin stash and one day, i looked and said" THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!" So i picked up a magazine and blindly went to work. On the 5thish page there was ellen in her glory. She had become the object of my desire, lol. So i cut up that covergirl ad, which luckily had small print saying ellen looks simply amazing lol, and got to work gluing. I added green n gold glitter glue, cause shes my lil packer backer too! Anyways, ill have to snap a pic. its wonderful.

I also finally dyed a batch of clothes for me and some tees for dd. turned out pretty well. My fave of course is a white silky night shirt that the lace stayed white, and the "body" of shirt is a rich gorrrggeeoouuss purple. mhh hmm hmmm.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heartburn :(

Ugh. so after work yesterday, i left to the er.. got in pretty quick lol. But hypochondria you outsmart me again. gave me the same antibiotics i was given before so i didnt even fill my scrip. dont have the money too. well. i have half of it and im sure my boo and parents would do the rest but.. imma use my money to go shoopppiinng. lol. yeah kinda irresponsible meh. ill live. i hope. the doctors told me id have a while before the infection spread to my brain and id know it was happening lol. boy do i feel like i idiot.. but yeah im takin the antibiotics, and so far ive been getting heartburn ugggh i NEVER get it. well. once before, for three days but im not prone to it. so this kinda sucks. im sure my Avo Mozza salad didnt help. specially since i barely chewed it. YUUUMM! i got a pic this time. well. i made a single serving this time, and i didnt get the pic til i dug in LOL couldnt wait! mmh its soooo good. heartburns worth it. well, itd be worth it for any food i make lol.

Miss Nihkii

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Avocado/Mozzarella Salad" 5*

SO i found this delicious looking recipe on CRAFTSTER, and it looked amazing..SO i decided to try it.

Future Projects/Meals

Future projects :)

  • suncatcher with marbles- me
  • scrpbk page/photo frame of me and dd-me
  • homemade paper- me
  • lip balm- me/gifts
  • sew some stuff lol- me
  • homemande Deo-me
  • dye batch of clothes-me X
  • craftster swap
  • birthdays-
  • Jeans-
    • vest
    • dress
    • skirt
  • Michael Kors peasanty longsleeve
  • Fix past recons lol
  • swimsuit
  • Start making skurses again.

ill be likely adding as it grows/get stuff made.. and or reposting lol


Heres a few teasers of cookies i made :) TNA yummy