Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Future Projects/Meals

Future projects :)

  • suncatcher with marbles- me
  • scrpbk page/photo frame of me and dd-me
  • homemade paper- me
  • lip balm- me/gifts
  • sew some stuff lol- me
  • homemande Deo-me
  • dye batch of clothes-me X
  • craftster swap
  • birthdays-
  • Jeans-
    • vest
    • dress
    • skirt
  • Michael Kors peasanty longsleeve
  • Fix past recons lol
  • swimsuit
  • Start making skurses again.

ill be likely adding as it grows/get stuff made.. and or reposting lol

MMH. i love me my food. Heres some recipes im anticipating trying.

  • - Portabella/Asparg. salad.
  • - Lime chix/shrimp kebobs

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