Beauty Recipes

Heres some beauty recipes ive tried and LOVE. worth a try gals!

  •  Beer Rinse- After shampooing, pure beer and soak hair. rinse all the way out for silky, shiny healthy hair. if rinsed out all the way, it wont smell!
  • Olive Oil Mask- Use warm/hot olive oil and essential oil of choice( optional, but great idea) Rosemary or Chamomile are great ones for hair. Let sit in hair for 20-30 mins and rinse out.
  • Beer Soak- Soak your body in a beer bath, or try just a hand/feet soak. will make your skin sooo smooth! Am actual brewery offers a beer pool lol
  • Lemon/sugar/oil scrub- recipe here
  • MissNihkiis Prized Facial Toner- You will need a small travel size flip top container (from walmart), fill one of these up 3/4 way about with PLAIN witch hazel. (dickinsons is best). Add about 5 drops of essential oils ( i use tea tree always and rotate lavender, peppermint or whatever oils are good for acne.) I usually add 3-5 aspirins( does GREAT for redness and zits.) I at one time put fresh strawberries in but dont believe it help up too well for long times. Then add a lil water to top. I use on face, chest, neck and back. Does wonders.

  • Avocado- leftover from meals work especially GREAT as a hand/foot lotion.
  • Yogurt- For Yeast infection, apply with a tampon APPLICATOR.( remove applicator).
  • Vinegar- Use as a douche for yeast infection as well.( NOT alot. and it may burn.)

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