Thursday, June 09, 2011


So ive been thinking lately, and quite frankly a little dissapointed in myself. I have lacked the motivation to do anything crafty ( well aside from a few small projects or cards or fix ups for clothes) in a while. My ex a couple years ago depressed me and demotivated me. But ive cut that burnt thread from my life harness, and i should be ready to go! Although now i have a great love in my life and id rather be with him :P hehe.

But. im going to chip away day by day. I will do this. Going to start crafting small things and eventually get my biz going :) Stay patient guys. ill have this mess of a blog sorted out soon lol. and stand by for pics of my geniusness.
<3 MissNihkii
The one. THE Only.

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