Monday, March 07, 2011

Ellen Pill Bottle

So.. we were using a baggie to keep our ibu and exedrin stash and one day, i looked and said" THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!" So i picked up a magazine and blindly went to work. On the 5thish page there was ellen in her glory. She had become the object of my desire, lol. So i cut up that covergirl ad, which luckily had small print saying ellen looks simply amazing lol, and got to work gluing. I added green n gold glitter glue, cause shes my lil packer backer too! Anyways, ill have to snap a pic. its wonderful.

I also finally dyed a batch of clothes for me and some tees for dd. turned out pretty well. My fave of course is a white silky night shirt that the lace stayed white, and the "body" of shirt is a rich gorrrggeeoouuss purple. mhh hmm hmmm.

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  1. Great blog! I'm a follower, Ciao from Italy! :)


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