Monday, March 28, 2011

Condom Case!

So. i got a spurt of creativity two nights ago, and i decided to make up a tin or two for farmers market.. i messed up though lol. ugh i hate cutting shit. i suck at it lol.anyways i put half of one pattern on outside of one, and half on another tin UGGGH. soo, i made into my own :) i needed a condom tin anyways :)

Top.  chipboard letters ( my FIRST chipboard creation ever :) ), on acid paper with colored pencil drawing(mine)
  Inside. it was a toss up between glittery treats, or toys :) but, toys would be more.. bigger hehe, i love how the mint already says have a blast! what a weird angle of pic tho lol..finished?? not sure.
ahh shit., stickers not centered!!
Bottom, acid paper.

i still need to add trim to top and bottom i do!!!!

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